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The necropolis of cozzo Guardiole is the most important site of the region of Canicattini Bagni (IV - V century AD),
located in the territory of Noto.

The small rocky hill is dotted with numerous burials, most of which are characterized by hypogeic chambers consisting of one or more four-column central tombs (most of them devastated).

The whole necropolis is installed on an old prehellenic necropolis and its attendance crosses Byzantine period, medieval and modern.


Very important is the catacomb 3, a very large hypogeum with many sepulchral arches polysomes and canopy traces, and the small catacomb 4 in which are perfectly preserved two canopies and a single canopy.

In the upper part of the site is the necropolis with open-air tombs and rare traces of the city,

with some segments roughly squared and a small crusher.

Dating back to earlier times, many burial vaults have been used as shelters and dwellings,

for which reason they have been partly destroyed.

Nevertheless, some of them reveal traces of lime roofing, fragments of ceramics combed African and in some cases also bone remains.

For the photos presented here, we thank the kind courtesy of archaeologist Alessandro Santino Cugno.

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